Leah Risby

Instagram: @leah.illo

Responding to:
The Angel of the Revolution (1893), p.179
The Angel of the Revolution (1893), p.335
‘Life on Mars’, Life, 30th March 1911.
‘Visit Earth!’

Digitally edited Screen-print, 18x21cm

‘Visit Earth!’ is an original screen-print that has been digitally edited to appear like a stamp.

The piece imagines how tourism could exist in the future, with trips to planets becoming very normal and everyday. The context is that due to climate change and rising sea levels, Earth is now underwater and is being advertised as a holiday destination for Alien or Human life-forms unknown. It could be that humans relocated to other planets and still exist, or they were wiped out by the water and the visitors are only creatures from other planets.

The element of the piece which is screen-printed is the rectangle within the stamp shape. It is a 3 colour screen-print – blue, red and grey, with white from the original paper. The style is inspired by vintage travel posters as I wanted to contrast a new idea of the future with an older art style. I then chose to put the print within a stamp, as I was imagining how the travel advert would be spread in my new society.

I was inspired by the images of how people in the past imagined space travel. Air travel was often depicted as normal big sailing ships floating in the air with propellers, then spaceships were depicted in a different way. The biggest inspiration was ‘Life on Mars’ from Life magazine in 1911- it depicts a ship looking for life on a planet (Mars). It could be imagined that the occupants of the ship are holiday travellers looking for a new destination. I was inspired by the movement shown in ‘A Journey into other Worlds’ from 1894 – it is easy to imagine the small spaceship going on an adventure with the big flumes of smoke or dust behind it.